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You have found the right website where all the information about your Vaillant Combi Boiler is in one location, whether you own a boiler already and need repairs or you are looking to purchase a replacement.

Vaillant, is a well known boiler supplier that offers a range of systems for heating water to supply your central heating system. A well known range of boilers named “EcoTEC”, referring to simple, reliable low cost heating. The EcoTEC system from Vaillant is the best decision because the system is high quality, reliable, efficient and simple to install and will not cost you a fortune in ongoing maintenance. Normally, low quality is linked to low price, this is typical with other boiler types.  We have tried to express the advantages and disadvantages of each type in the below sections.

Selecting Vaillant

Selecting a model of boiler requires consideration of the type and condition of home you are heatings.  Age of your home is important, system setup, number of radiators, insulation grading, dwelling type, if your home is an apartment what floor you are on is important. Storage radiators verses radiators with convector fins also matter. Furthermore if you have a system fault you will need to troubleshoot, fault find and almost always replace parts.

Typical problems

Vaillant Combi Boilers have common problems like most other boiler types. The EcoTEC Plus sometimes have an issue with the pressure build-up at the pump. Typically you will recieve a F.75 fault letting you know that the system did not reach the required pressure rise at the pump, resulting in your boiler not firing up. Other problems include combustion seals leaking, heat exchanger blockages, hose failures, leaking diverter valves and faulty pressure sensors.  Almost all boilers will get trapped air or low water pressure within the circuit (system).  This common issue that can be overcome by bleeding the air from the radiator. Furthermore additional water can be put back into the system via the mains valve. However ensure that the operating pressure is not exceeded.

Warning!!! Please remember it is a criminal offence to work on a gas appliance if you are not qualified to do so. If you have an issue please call a boiler specialist who has the proper qualifications and experience and is GAS safe registered.


Use this troubleshooting guide if you experience an issue on your boiler panel.  There is no need to repair parts as they are low cost and should be replaced when faulty. With your Vaillant Combi Boiler you get an Owner’s Manual.  If you experience an issue during your warranty period then return it to the dealer or place of purchase if you need some serious help. Read more and consult on our forum/FAQ.

In summary, for a good quality simple but inexpensive boiler, a Vaillant Combi Boiler is a perfect decision!

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