Vaillant Combi Boiler

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Efficiency & Low Cost

In the past an oil or gas boiler over 15 years old would have been less than 80% efficient. If such boilers were still remaining in circulation than due to wear and tear the efficiency will be around 70% efficient today. Most new boilers available today will have efficiencies greater than 90%. This represents a vast improvement in efficiency of around 20%. And that is only in terms of efficiency, what about cost savings!!!

Boilers account for 55% of your total utilities bill so ensuring you have a high efficiency boiler is paramount for saving you money. Estimates conducted by the energy saving trust account for a £310 per year and 1,200KG of carbon dioxide saving of you replace your old boiler for an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler.

Why are new boilers more efficient you may ask? The latest’s boilers on the market are more efficient because they are condensing boilers and contain a larger heat exchanger recovering more heat in the flue. Basically they recover waste heat that would normally leave your house and heat up the rest of the UK.

Increasing the efficiency of your boiler by 20% will actually reduce your fuel bill by more than 25%. Or simple by replacing your old boilers for new can save you a quarter of your energy costs.

Therefore, replacing your old boiler is good because:

1. Vast fuel cost savings that increase as energy costs increase.

2. Improved breakdown reliability and carbon monoxide safety.

3. Coupled with the boiler scrappage scheme you will get extra money off the installation saving you more.

If your boiler is ancient you will most likely have to conduct expensive repairs or replace it in the next few years anyway, why not change it now and start saving 25% now!

If you plan the change out of your boiler you can get comparative quotations and replace it during the off-peak season saving you further money. Sods law will surely occur if you leave it too late and it breaks down when the boiler is working the hardest during winter.

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