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My Vaillant Combi Boiler

I have just noticed that my boiler is showing 1.9 bar, I assume that this is too much water in the system. I do not know how to reduce the water pressure.
I am currently living in Spain, the boiler instructions are in Spanish, unfortunatly I do not understand them, they are for atmoTEC, atmoTEC classic, turboTEC, turboTEC classic models, can you identify the equivelant UK model so I can find some user guide in English. please help.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Paul,

At the boiler’s lowest point usually there will be a dump valve.  By opening the valve you can reduce the water pressure in the system, however ensure you have a bucket to catch the water and keep an eye on the pressure gauge.  Another method is to open the little drain vent at your highest radiator.  This has the added benefit of removing any trapped air in your system.


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