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Vaillant boiler during windy season the flame goes out

Hi Everyone,

Someone please help me regarding an issue, which my boiler faces when it is windy out there. Basically, the boiler’s flame always keeps going out especially whenever it is stormy outside. What should I do?

Thanks for your suggestions


Well, Rich, it is quite rare that your boiler faces this issue just because of the wind. Nevertheless, sometimes this is a case & generally caused by the wrong installation of flue. Normally, the wind does not cause the flame to blow out. When your boiler identifies an imbalance gas pressure of the flue, it will surely lockout. A minor gust of the wind will change the current pressure in a flue & therefore, causes a lockout. On the other hand, the boiler’s fan is faulty. The absence of the light wind being generated by the fan can be a culprit.

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