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Vaillant Combi boiler not firing up

Hi All,

I have purchased the Vaillant Combi boiler five years ago. My problem is, a boiler is not firing up although its pilot light is set alight. Moreover, the pressure of the boiler is fine & the heating pump is heard running. What should I do in order to fix the problem?

Looking for the Help


Hi Harry, first of all check the ignition socket either it is working properly or not. Upon switching on the boiler, the spark will generally activate the firing. Afterwards, check an ignition convertor if it is working or not. Now, check the secondary current, which is about 15000-20000 volts for trigging the ignition socket & your boiler to easily fire up. In case, there is no spark, you have to replace the ignition converter in order to make your boiler work again.

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