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Vaillant Plus 831 boiler F32 error code


Someone please help me on an issue, which my seven years Vaillant plus 831 boiler is having now days. Whenever I turn on the boiler, it starts displaying a F32 error code. I do not have any idea behind the exact the reason behind it. Therefore, please share your views

Thanks in advance


Hi Rob,

This error code deals with the air fault in your boiler. In Vaillant plus 831 boiler, there are two major reasons behind the air fault i.e. the faulty fan or the faulty flue. Firstly, by doing the quick visual examination, you can confirm that either the boiler’s flue is chocker or not. Generally, the fan is a culprit. It can be the minor problem for instance, the rotation speed of the fan is not correct. Nevertheless, old fans always deteriorate quickly. In short, if the fan is faulty then you have to replace it immediately.

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