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Vaillant Plus 831 lukewarm water issue

Hi All,

I bought & installed the Vaillant plus 831 boiler one year ago. Well, now days, the boiler is having an issue of supplying lukewarm hot water from showers & taps. I have tried to fix it but no success. I sincerely need the suggestions of all those who have faced this issue earlier.

Thank you so much


Hi William, getting the lukewarm hot water from the taps & showers is the most common sign of the damaged diverter valve. You boiler is supposed to prioritize the hot water however, if the diverter valve is little held open especially on a heating side then, it is important to note that some of heating power is on the run which is normally supplied to your showers & taps. I never recommend trying to repair your boiler at home instead call the skilled boiler engineer.

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