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Ecomax 613/2E


A couple of years ago we had an Ecomax 613/2E fitted. Unfortunately we appear to have lost the documentation. We think it was taken when we had a service. We have been having problems with ignition. When we start the boiler it tries to ignite but fails, we get a smell of gas outside for a while and the boiler shuts down with either of the codes F29 and F28. We have had a fitter look but he is not familiar with the boiler. He also noticed that the water pressure is low. He thinks that the boiler needs refilling but as he has no experience of the boiler, he is stuck.
Could you point us in the right direction of a fault finding and remedy document which I can print and maybe help us in remedying the boiler.

Many thanks,



Hello Jared,

Indeed the F.28 fault code refers to the boiler system locking out.  There are a number of causes including lack of gas, gas valve adjustment is wrong, faulty electrode, ignition lead damaged, electric ignitor not working or a blockage or perforation in your air inlet duct.  Based on your description it could be any one of these issues.

F.29 fault code refers to flame extinguished and automatic re-ignition was unsuccessful.  This is obviously related and again could be any of the issues listed above.



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