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Vaillant Home Combi 35


I recently installed a Vaillant Home Combi 35.

It has a VRC 700 controller, which I have taken 2 wires from the boiler to the controller. I have a weather compensator wired from the boiler to outside. Then 230v L-N-E from a fused spur straight to the boiler.

I have power at the boiler, and the controller. When I turn a tap on, it kicks the boiler up and gives me hot water. The problem lies when I try going to the controller and turning the heat up for the radiators, which stay Luke warm and just don’t heat up. The radiator symbol also isn’t shown on the boiler screen.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Howard

It sounds like an issue with the controller circuit.  Are you sure it was setup correctly?  I would focus on how the VRC 700 controller has been setup with the Combi 35 system.



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