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Exclusive 838- no hot water

Hi All

As of today I have no hot water. I have Vaillant Exclusive 838, any ideas what is wrong?



Hi Ben

There can be many reasons that lead to the boiler not providing hot water; however, there is also a set of solutions to try. First off, please make sure that the boiler is switched ON at the on/ off switch. Then you need to check if the flame is ignited, if not then it needs amending. You can try to check the gas isolator cock because it could be clogged; and if that didn’t work then confirm that the heating flow temperature and hot water are set to the right degrees.

If after all these attempts it still didn’t work, you need to check the heating system. The filling pressure can be too low and needs to be topped with water or there may be air in the system and the radiators need to be cleaned. Before taking action with any of these steps, please refer back to the “Live Monitor” section for a status on the boiler. If you can’t get hot water running yourself, you may need to reach out to a heating company to have a look at your boiler.  

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