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Vaillant Plus 831- how do I set the hot water temperature?

Hi Folks

I have Vaillant Plus 831 and I am not sure how to properly set the temperature. Any help?


Hi Adam

To set the heat of the water to your preferred temperature, you click on the left-side button and the temperature display shows on the screen. Then you press the minus or plus button to increase or decrease the temperature. When you settle on a temperature, confirm it by clicking on the right-side button. Simple, right?

If you don’t want to wait for the water to heat up and are in a hurry, you can quickly set it to comfort mode. Comfort mode is instantly setting the heat of water to your desired temperature. To activate this option, press the left-side button then the right-side button afterward, the “C” sign will appear displaying comfort mode. You can also turn off the heating mode altogether during the warm seasons by activating the summer mode. Press the right-side button and the heating flow temperature will appear then keep pressing the minus button until you reach “Cylinder charging off” and confirm with the last press of the right-side button.

Beware of scalding with high water temperature (above 60 °C) especially in the case of children or elderly people

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