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Vaillant boilers and corrosion

Hi Guys

I just purchased and installed new boiler as my old one was really corroded and could not seal properly. I was thinking this time I would take care better about my boiler. Any suggestions how to effectively protect my boiler from corrosion?


Hi Craig,

For the preservation of the boiler and its lifetime, to have it last for longer years, you need to clean it carefully and delicately. One of the main reasons that cause corrosion is using chemical solutions that decay the metal exterior and can possibly ruin the system or the controls if the corrosion spreads. Please do not use cleaning sprays, solvents, chlorinated cleaners, or any other chemical components near or on the boiler. You also shouldn’t try this with the infrastructure or the flue system; the harmful chemicals in cleaning agents can rust the boiler. In order to clean the boiler, please only use a damp towel or cloth with a small amount of chemical-free soap to wipe the exterior, without getting the interior wet.

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