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Vaillant- frost protection

Hi Guys,

I plan to spend winter in another country and I was wondering if I need to protect my Vaillant boiler from frost for the time me being  away- like I need to take care of fridge or other electronic equipment. Any thoughts, experiences?


Hi Keith,

Frost damage can affect the boiler and even ruin parts of the heating system; this is common during winter, and especially in cold places. The first thing you need to do is make sure that the room’s heating system is activated at a moderate temperature and isn’t too low. Please do not try to add preservations like frost & corrosion protection or other agents without consulting a heating specialist company. This can possibly damage the system, digraphs, and cause unpleasant noises while heating.

Be sure to take all the necessary precautions when you’re traveling or away such as confirming the power and heat are activated at all times so the room temperature is stabilized and for extra measure, ask the heating specialist to drain the heating system and the boiler (while it is switched off). However, when your boiler was installed, it was connected to the power mains and so an alternative solution would be to make sure it stays connected and that it is switched on at the on/ off switch. Your boiler is equipped with a frost protection mode, so when the temperature drops, if the switch is on, the system automatically heats the heating system, preventing frost damage. If you’re leaving in warmer seasons, you can just close the gas isolator cock and the cold water valve.


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