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Vaillant- I think I can smell the gas around my combi boiler

Hi Folks

I have Vaillant combi boiler, which is 5 years old, so far no problem with it, but recently I feel a gas smell around the boiler. Is that normal?


Hi Alex,

Smelling gas from the boiler is most likely due to poor installation and errors while installing. A gas leak is very dangerous and needs to be handled immediately because it can lead to poisoning or an explosion. First, you need to provide enough ventilation by opening all the windows and doors then turn off the boiler and be sure to contact your heating specialist as soon as possible. However, if you hear gas leaking, all individuals must leave the house or office then immediately call 0800-111-999, the national phone number for gas emergencies.As a safety precaution to avoid danger in the future, please be sure to never store any flammable items like paper, oil, alcohol, or paint near the boiler.

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